You Can Sit With Us

Posted on 04 October 2016

This design was originally created as part of a charity T-shirt collaboration with Meringue Girls and Womankind Worldwide. It's about inclusion and women supporting women. The age of the mean girl is over! This design has already helped to raise hundreds of pounds to help women escape poverty, violence and discrimination. 

You can use this design for your own personal, non commercial projects, social media and body adornment - We love to see anything where you've added your own artistic effort. Remember to tag us @ageofreasonstudios on Instagram #ageofreasonstudios or #babesofreason 

We advise adding some of your own personal touches. Be original!

  • Cut it out & make it into a stick-up 
  • Use it as an embroidery template
  • Get it printed on nail wraps
  • Create your own screen-saver
  • Get it tattooed on your body.  (Go to the best tattoo artist you can afford!)

You cannot use this design for anything commercial  You can't sell it, or give it away as a tattoo on your website, use it on social media to promote a business without permission, use it as a logo or trademark,  or use it as any part of a product you plan to sell. For commercial purposes it's easier and cheaper to license the image from us, or create your own design. Fighting a copyright case is no fun, and the law always favours the artist. If you love it and you'd like to use it commercially, get in touch and we can discuss a license.


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