What makes us ethical?

Posted on 03 October 2016


We passionately believe that luxury goods can be ethical and empowering. The more useful information we have, the more we start to make positive choices. Being a ethical brand isn't just about good intentions; there are practical things we do every day to ensure we're as good as we can be. We love to create stories, but when it comes to our supply chain we believe in transparency.  After all, sharing and honestly can only be a good thing for fashion!



We aspire to best practice in clean printing, sustainable sourcing, ethical labour conditions and fair wages.   We source unsoftened silks for clothing, organic cottons for tees and sustainable British wool filling for cushions. We sew all our cushions and garments in the UK at The Pin House.


To ensure low wastage we use digital textile printing.  In the past, when a lot less cloth was produced, printing and dyeing by hand were relatively sustainable.  But in the modern world of high volume fast-fashion, dyeing can be bad news for rivers and water sources around the world.  We like to keep our print where we can see it, right here in the UK. You can find out more about it in our post Why Print Digitally?


Ethical means treating people with respect too. So we're committed to making sure people who work on our pieces are paid properly. That means no less than the living wage in the UK, but in reality our skilled workers often earn more than double.

We also have a passion for promoting exciting diversity in our photo campaigns. Have you ever noticed how few images there are in magazines of non- white women, or women over 30 years old? We think that's nuts, and we're not scared to talk about it! We like to work with models who represent the varied people we see wearing our pieces.

 You can find out more about our label here on BLOG or in MISSION.

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