Posted on 06 December 2017

Anna Hayman is the talent behind Anna Hayman Design, a luxury print design house with some serious va va voom. I caught up with Anna in her gorgeous 1920s house to discover the inspiration behind her bold, sumptuous designs, and to photograph her with Age of Reason's Galaxy Lips Cushion with Swarovski.

What inspires your personal style ?

My style is eclectic, heavy on prints, and a bit rock and roll. I love to mix high end with thrift bargains and wear a lot of colour. I’m in a female Karl Lagerfeld zone right now but am excited by the trend for choosing one colour and wearing varying tones head to toe. Quite a lot of thought involved in that I reckon though. I’ve been painfully growing out a very short hairstyle for the last year and It’s nice to finally have some hair to play with, I love a six wash dye. 

What do you offer your customers that’s different from the rest?  

 Well, the more I get into this interiors lark, the more luxury my product becomes. However, I want my collections to have an edge to them, and really stand out as something clever and different. Using lino prints seems to create quite a bold intricate look that translates well onto sumptuous homewares. My customer is an intelligent rebel, obsessed by aesthetics, so my products follow that vibe. 

What’s the biggest myth about being a designer?  

Ooh don’t know! That we’re constantly throwing scarves over our shoulders and flouncing around? (I do do that though)... 

What’s your most important principle or value?  

 I think the phrase Customer Service is a bit stuck so I’m going to say Customer Engagement. People are always surprised when I ring and say ‘What’s the best day to deliver your lampshade?’, but then I get a call back saying ‘can I have a sample of…?’ and I love it, I love chatting with people and getting involved in their homes. 

What stumbling blocks do you come up against in your job? 

I’m discovering the extent of my control issues!  But I have an amazing new production buyer Kierra Campbell who is helping me branch into new products and do collaborations well. Onwards and Upwards! 

What makes you happy?  

Life, kids, pattern, love, colour, work, music, art, home, dog, family, Clubbercise!

Check out Anna's fabulous collection here.

We love Anna's Instagram account too. Follow her @AnnaHaymanDesigns 

Love what you see? Get your cushion here. Anna is photographed wearing Age of Reason's Leopard Lips Scarf

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