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Posted on 02 May 2022

Linda Rodin and Winks

Inspired by Ali's trips to New York city, our poodle scarf is a tribute to the fabulous residents of Manhattan and their equally stylish dogs. One lady and dog duo, Linda Rodin and her poodle Winks, really stood out to Ali as a timeless inspiration. Linda and her canine BFF are a well known fixture in New York,  and on Instagram as @LindaAndWinks.  Linda who's personal style seems to improve by the decade, has even been featured on Ari Seth Cohen's "Advanced Style" blog. 

Age of Reason Poodle Scarf

Ali created this scarf especially to to surprise the stylist and her beautiful canine companion. Ali said "I love to create pieces inspired by women I admire. Linda has a timeless and creative style, which she's perfected over the years. She really knows how to balance maximalism and minimalism, colour and monochrome. That really appeals to me."

First, Ali and her assistant Rene had to get to grips with drawing poodles.  It was no hardship to study countless pictures of Winks in action. Ali's background as an animator came in handy, and she used Edward Mybridge's 19th century photography to perfect the gait of a running dog for the scarf design.
Around 20 poodle drawings were created in different styles before the pair decided on the final look for the monochrome silk scarf. Although the final design is strikingly simple, multiple colour drawing were also produced,  including some drawn with lipstick. Linda almost always wears lipstick, and the colours really inspired Ali.


Finally the scarf design was printed onto fine silk and hemmed ready to be sent off to Linda and Winks in New York city. On the day that Linda received the scarf we happened to be shooting a new campaign with another Advanced style model, Pam Lucas from London.
Pam Lucas Age of Reason scarf
Just hours after this outake was snapped in the UK, Linda posted a lovely shot of Winks with the poodle scarf in New York City. We think Winks looks pretty pleased with himself!
A limited number of 20 poodle scarves will be created for just 20 lucky people who pre-order now. The scarves are pure silk, made in England and measure 135x135cm, just like the ones in the pictures above. To pre-order yours, please follow the link HERE or click on the poodle below.  Happy shopping!

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