Lynne Meek is a personal stylist and wardrobe editor based in the South East of the UK.   Lynne’s signature style is playful and sassy, with hint of rock-n-roll. I spoke to Lynne at Age of Reason Studios HQ, and photographed her wearing the new “Love” silk scarf.  



What inspires your own personal style? 

Wanting to stand out, not blending in to the crowd. I’ve never been someone who wants to fade into the background! 

 What do you offer your clients that’s different from the rest? 

I help women to become independently confident. Often they just need help to get out of a fashion rut. I help them to access the real them, and express that visually. I help women to open up gently to new ideas and have fun with style.



What’s the biggest myth about personal styling? 

That it’s for rich and famous people. A personal styling service is for any woman who want to stop wasting money on the wrong clothes and become more confident.  

What’s your most important principle or value? 

For me it’s all about empowerment: valuing yourself, about self esteem. Being the person you want to be, because we only live once. 



What stumbling blocks do you come up against in your job?

Women I work with often feel guilty or unworthy of beautiful new clothes. It’s a big part of my job to help them to see themselves as valid and worthy. Many women do so much to support their partners and family, but tend to neglect themselves a bit. I help them to see value in paying attention to themselves again, and enjoy it. 


What makes you happy? 

I love seeing a client break out and become the best version of themselves. 



What's your favourite Age of Reason piece? 

The "LOVE" scarf that I'm wearing in the shoot! 

Age of Reason Love scarf

 Lynn's personal styling sessions start from £250 for a half day wardrobe edit.

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