Yvonne Telford is the powerhouse behind Kemi Telford, a fashion brand that creates unique clothes and accessories with great slogans that are fun, purposeful and empowering. I recently caught up with Yvonne about her personal style and inspiration, and photographed her wearing the Age of Reason Leopard Lips Scarf. 

What inspires your own personal style?  

Confidence is what inspires me to buy and wear what I wear. With age, I have come to understand my body shape, how to love it and dress it.  

What do you offer your audience that’s different from the rest?  

My story is my selling point. My story is a universal story and my audience actually see themselves in my story. We all have the same stories but wrapped up differently. Every slogan I design or commission is created from my story.  

What’s the biggest myth about being a businesswoman?  

That you need to use influencers to get your brand out there. And yes, sometimes you do but you don't really need them. Don’t get me wrong, a few of them are very powerful because their audience loves them and trusts them. However, the people who really matter are the customers. They are the real ambassadors of the brand. They are the ones that we must aim to keep happy. 

What’s your most important principle or value?  

Empathy and respect for another human. After all, we are all from the same source regardless of religion or race. 

What stumbling blocks do you come up against in your vocation? 

Sometimes, I lack confidence in my ability.  

What makes you happy? 

Cliché answer but it must be my daughters and my husband  


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