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 It's time for us to join together in hope & love

In March we took a deep breath and prepared ourselves for a strange new reality, at least for a few months. What struck me was how deeply we fear an unraveling of our society.  We need true human connections and it's up to us to nurture ourselves and others at this challenging time. Let's stand together to speak of hope, love and joy.

What's inside Connection Club?  Expect stories, ideas, poems, laughter, art & well being strategies. We'll be inviting experts, gurus, artists, storytellers and dreamers to share their magic with us.

The Friday Meet Up

We will meet online every Friday at 13:15 on the app Zoom.
First Meet Up: Mar 20, 2020 13:15 PM London
Every week on Fri at 13:15, until Aug 21, 2020, 23 occurrences.

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